Quilted fabric

We are able to quilt synthetic, natural fibre padding or Fill together with various types of woven and knitted fabrics. We can offer two different techniques: Thread quilting or Ultrasound quilting.

Fabrics can be of different thickness and composition. There is a possibility to quilt materials with foam and leather. We can put together up to 5 layers. Width: 150-230 cm. Designs are discussed with every customer separately. Minimum quantity depends upon colours, quantity and type of agreed design.

For this type of quilting fabrics must contain at least 40% of synthetics. We can put together up to 5 layers. Every time fabric weight , thickness and number of layers can be discussed separately. Before a customer confirms a bulk order we suggest to take a small trial order.
Possible width: 150-160 cm.

– garments: work, sports/leisure-wear.
It is used for lining, hats, waistcoats.

– safety-wear, flame retardant garments.
It is used for special garments for workers at petrol stations, on oil platforms.

– pets.

It is used for vet- mats, blankets, beds, clothes
– mattresses
– furniture


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